What is Co-Coaching? 

As professional coaches Co-Coaching gives us the time and opportunity to practice coaching, to try new ways of coaching or to work on something that we might want to improve.  Attending a Co-coaching Forum allows us, as coaches to have the opportunity of practicing in a safe environment and of receiving feedback.

The feedback can be targeted - for instance if a coach would like to receive specific feedback on one aspect of their coaching - then they can ask for this

Co-Coaching provides an opportunity to reflect on your coaching style, and to experience and experiment with new coaching techniques. It is a three way learning opportunity:

  •         Being coached by others
  •         Observing others being coached
  •         Coaching others on their coaching technique 

You can discover an amazing range of coaching methods and styles that have developed to satisfy different needs and circumstances, and so benchmark your own practice.

How are AC Co-Coaching forums run? 

Co-coaching forums are run by experienced facilitators who are coaches themselves and who follow AC excellence guidelines. These ensure that the maximum time is spent in coaching practice and that new ideas are continually investigated and explored.

There is a growing network of Co-Coaching forums across the United Kingdom. The current Forum’s are listed below and if you visit the Association for Coaching Website (www.associationforcoaching.com) you will find more details about where and when the forums meet.

However please be aware that dates, times and venues may be changed. Therefore you should always book your intention to attend with the relevant forum facilitator, to avoid any disappointment. 

What are the benefits of attending a Co-coaching forum?

Participating in Co-coaching will give you:

  •         A CPD certificate for each forum you attend
  •         Access to a network of like-minded people to share ideas and resources
  •         A ‘Super-view’ of your coaching practice 

It is becoming increasingly important to employers that coaches are supervised and this experience of a ‘Super-view’ may encourage your next step towards getting your own supervision.

What forum participants say? 

Here are just a couple of comments from our members who have attended recent events:

Co-coaching – A Personal Perspective. 

“Co-coaching has provided me with the opportunity to develop and refine my skills and approaches to coaching in a safe and professional environment. 

It is impossible to recreate the authenticity of working with a coachee, however, by enabling practitioners to coach, reflect and critique together co-coaching offers a unique and valuable reality of its own. 

I have found that short co-coaching sessions involving experienced coaches using powerful listening and questioning skills provides an effective way of developing contracting, confirming and feedback with brevity and structure. 

For me it is important to promote a ‘human scale’ in all we do. To this end co-coaching has been extremely valuable in helping me to maintain the balance, when coaching, between how I conduct myself as a disciplined practitioner and most importantly as a ‘person”.

Ian Procter attended West Kent Co-Coaching Forum (September 2012). 

“The co-coaching meeting was everything that I was looking for. As a coach working on your own, you can sometimes get stuck in a rut. This was a perfect way to observe how other people coach and to pick up new techniques. When it came to my turn to coach, it felt very safe and it really gave me the confidence to experiment. It was fantastic receiving honest, constructive feedback about my style. I am already signed up for the next one. An invaluable opportunity”.

Kerry Savage attended London – Waterloo Co-Coaching Forum(September 2012)

Who can attend a Co-coaching forum? 

Regular attendance at a Co-Coaching forum is one of the privileges of membership. However if you are not a member of the Association for Coaching, that's OK, we welcome you to attend up to 3 sessions as 'tasters'.


Click on this link to find a Co-Coaching Forum near you.

If you cannot find a group in your area and you are a full member of the Association for Coaching you might be interested in starting one. You will receive help and support in doing so. If this sounds like something that might interest you and you would like to find out more then please contact one of our Lead Co-Coaching Facilitators:

Helen Bullock - Head of Professional Forums

Vanda Morgan - Co-Coaching Lead, e-mail: vanda@morganclarkson.co.uk

Maria Iliffe-Wood - Co-Coaching Lead, e-mail: maria@iliffecoaching.co.uk

Jacqueline Davis - Co-Coaching Lead, e-mail: achieve@ignitingminds.org.uk