Coaching Supervision and Reflective Practice

Coaching Supervision

As the AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice states, continual reflective practice and coaching supervision are essential for the development of the coach's professional skills and the maintenance of excellent standards.

Coaching supervision offers a confidential and collaborative working relationship in which the practice, tasks, process and challenges of a coach’s work may be explored. Through this trusting partnership the coach and coaching supervisor work to further enhance the coach’s competency, confidence and mastery to ensure the best possible service to coaching clients (coachees and where relevant, coaching sponsors).

More information on supervision can be found in the AC Coaching Supervision Guide (pdf) and a  Member to Member Guide (pdf). 

Reflective Practice

Reflecting on practice, learning and then applying that learning to on-going professional development is critical for the Coach. Reflective practice can take many forms including individual reflections on client work, peer discussions, reflection on client feedback, on CPD and on the outputs of new approaches and behaviours being undertaken.  

Download the AC Reflective Records pack for help with reflecting and keeping good records, which is particularly important for Coach Accreditation. Find more information on reflective practice in a Member to Member Guide (pdf). 

Choosing and Finding a Supervisor

Coaches should identify an experienced and qualified Coaching Supervisor. AC members who undertake coaching supervision, including AC Accredited Supervisors can be found via the AC Directory

Experience Supervision

To discover the benefits of supervision AC members can book into a one-hour AC Group Supervision Call