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Lorenza Clifford

Coachange Ltd
Tel: 07770 965379
Location:London, UK, Europe and International
Profile:Creating better, more sustainable business... enhancing reputations substantially by developing leaders who understand the full impact of their mindset, logic, values and behaviours. These leaders face the uncertain future, creatively collaborating, making enterprising connections and encouraging innovation for the greater good. They inspire engaged teams to deliver.
Services:Coachange tailors coaching for: A. Enhanced mindset, habits, skills, behaviours, especially where work is done through relationships: • Leadership, including systemic work on strategy, visioning for responsible leadership • Influencing stakeholders, networking, leading remotely, collaborative working • People Management, using a supervision approach to the coaching elements of client’s role • Team Development B. Transitions, where awareness of self in the system is key: • Transition to Leadership, including transition to Responsible Leadership • Career Path-finding and Development Planning to get promotion • Stepping up to a new role and First Hundred Days. C. Coaching Supervision in groups, trios or 1:1
Categories: Board-level/C-Suite Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Career Transition Coaching, Executive Coaching, Other